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1 and Done...and the College Application Process, Part 3

Welcome fellow Quarantiners!  It's May, 2020.  I apologize in advance because this post is a little out of order and will not follow my last blog.  It's more of what's happening right now! 

The girls applied to about 14 schools each, beginning in September, 2019.  

The Colleges they chose were broken up in to 3 categories:   

1 and Done...and the College Application Process, Part 2

Greetings fellow Quarantiner's.  I hope you and your family and friends are safe. 

It has been a while since my last post.  It's a crazy time for us all.  With our kids' school's closed for "traditional" learning everyone is feeling a certain way about it. 

1 and Done...and the College Application Process

I wish I had a younger child (more than 60 seconds younger, lol) that would be applying to college so that I could use what I have learned throughout this process to help her/him.  I have tried to keep track of everything I have learned about the ins and outs of applying to college to help my friends who have kids who may be applying in the future! 

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